Master of Science in Marketing

Master of Science Marketing

12 Months – 27 credits – USD 6,750 Total Cost

Master of Science in Marketing

Master of Science Marketing

12 Months – 27 credits – USD 6,750 Total Cost

Our program will prepare you to make an immediate impact on critical business challenges. It is designed to develop in-depth knowledge and integrate contemporary marketing skills. Each course focuses on how marketing professionals can develop strategic marketing plans to deliver a consistent message that reflects a brand’s values, products and company mission across a variety of channels (media).

Our experienced academics will provide the tools, concepts, frameworks, critical thinking skills and hands-on projects in key marketing areas that will equip students to effectively formulate, execute and manage marketing strategies.

The Master of Science in Marketing program consists of nine courses (27 total credits) covering the general business environment, followed by an in-depth study of marketing management, digital marketing and marketing analytics.

The program will provide you with ample opportunity to develop essential management skills such as effective communication, teamwork, leadership skills, social responsibility and workplace ethics, which are crucial in the work environment.

Accruable Certificates that accelerate your success

If you enroll in our regular path, you don’t have to wait to finish your program to earn your certifications. In each 4-month period, you can complete one of our cumulative certificates, allowing you to progress even faster in your career. At the end of the program, you can earn your master’s degree in addition to the 3 certificates you earned along the way with no additional tuition* or time costs.

Graduate Certificate 1 Basic Courses ( 3 course)
Graduate Certificate 2 Marketing Management (3 courses)
Graduate Certificate 3 Digital Marketing (3 courses)

All MS Marketing students must take the Graduate Certificate in Financial and Economic Environment of Business, where many of the basics of business are covered, including business strategy and business ethics, two of the great pillars of long-term business success generating its sustainability.

Program Objectives

Successful completion of the Master of Science in Marketing will enable its graduates to:

• Use qualitative and quantitative tools to evaluate markets.
• Apply marketing and management theories and concepts to improve organizational effectiveness
• Create promotional campaigns
• Collaborate and communicate effectively
• Develop marketing strategies to achieve business objectives

The MS Finance program consists of 9 courses, of which 3 are common core courses and 6 correspond to the functional area.

Graduate Certificate 1 Basic Courses ( 3 course)
Graduate Certificate 2 Marketing Management (3 courses)
Graduate Certificate 3 Digital Marketing (3 courses)

Basic Courses – Financial and Economic Environment of Business

BU 501- The Business Environment (3 credits)

In this course, students develop a plan for a new business, from ideation through launch. During the planning process, students will conceptualize key functional areas of a business, including sales, marketing, finance and accounting, customer service, human resources, research and development, production, and distribution.

BU 502 – Managerial Economics (3 credits)

Every business is impacted by external economic forces. Understanding the key concepts of is essential to making good business decisions. Concepts covered in this course include supply and demand, elasticity, taxation, markets, currency, trade, and competition.

BU 503 – Principles of Managerial Finance (3 credits)

Reviews the role of finance in business. Students will learn the key concepts of financial management, including: the relationship between accounting and financial functions, financial analysis, value assessment, and the use of financial data to make business decisions.

Marketing Management

MK 501- Marketing Management (3 credits)

Provides an overview of marketing processes and strategy development. Topics include market research, segmentation, pricing, positioning, promotions, and distribution.

MK 502 – Advertising and Promotion (3 credits)

This course is a detailed study of strategies and methods in advertising and promotion of goods and services. Traditional and digital modalities are covered, as well as ethical, s and strategic issues that arise in advertising and promotion campaigns.

MK 503 – Marketing Research (3 credits)

An examination of methods for the collection, analysis, and application of research data used to make marketing decisions.

Digital Marketing

MK 601- Digital Marketing (3 credits)

Print and media marketing are limited in scope and costly – marketing using the Internet opens up the entire world to products or services. This course reviews the foundational elements of digital marketing in both the B2B and B2C environments. Formulation, implementation, and evaluation of marketing strategies through digital display, video, mobile, search engine, and social media will be explored.

MK 602 – Social Media Marketing (3 credits)

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for developing sales funnels and engaging in influencer selling. This course examines processes and tools used to market products and services via social media. Students will learn how to develop, monitor, evaluate, and modify social media marketing initiatives.

MK 603 – Marketing Data Analytics (3 credits)

Understanding the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the return on investment in the resources used for the campaign can help a business increase and maintain market share. This course examines quantitative methods for the collection and analysis of large quantities of market and consumer behavior. Application and use of this data for the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of marketing strategies is also covered.

* Stackable Certificates are not mandatory for the MS in Marketing program. If the student wants the certificates issued along the way, because we want to maintain the minimum possible tuition for the programs there is an additional $150 fee for each certificate to cover the administrative cost associated with performing the degree audit and issuing a digital certificate. If the student wants a paper certificate delivered, there is an additional $150 certificate delivery fee each. If the student wishes to have a paper certificate issued, there is an additional fee of $150 for the issuance of each certificate.

A graduate degree is an investment in your future, and we understand that covering tuition and other education-related costs can be a real challenge. Saint Kolbe University provides access to quality education at an affordable cost, in forms and languages that meet the needs of students around the world.

The simplicity of fixed monthly payments

Services are actively evolving; it’s time for education to evolve as well. That’s why we offer a very simple payment plan for our students. You would pay a fixed monthly fee of $562.50 for every 3 courses. It’s that simple.

Tuition Guarantee

Part of our commitment is to give you peace of mind. Once you start your program, your tuition and other fees are locked in and fixed for the duration of your program.
This way you won’t be surprised by unexpected increases or changes that could jeopardize your completion.

Difficult Times Policy

We understand life circumstances. If you are enrolled in a program and face a major life hardship, such as a job loss or health-related situation, you may suspend your learning program for a short period of time. We will allow you to stop payments, giving you time to recover. Remember, the maximum time to complete a degree is 150% of the agreed completion time.

Debt Free Graduates

We want you to have a successful graduation, without future school debts. With our low tuition and monthly payments, we allow students to pay as they go, avoiding a large burden at the end of their programs. This approach also allows for a very simple application process, without the numerous forms and documentation needed to apply for loans and government programs. This simplicity also allows us to reduce administrative costs and pass those savings directly to you.


Generally, our students are able to pay the monthly tuition with a combination of earned income, family contributions and savings.
Saint Kolbe University is fully committed to your success. In the event that you are fully qualified for our programs and can demonstrate that you have an affordability challenge where you are unable to cover the full monthly payment, you may qualify for one of our scholarships.

Fees and Tuition by Program

Program Science Marketing
Application Fee $ 100
Tuition per Credit $ 250
Credits 27
Courses 9
Total Tuition $ 6,750
Graduation Fee
$ 150
Estimated Program Cost
$ 7,000

*All amounts are in U.S. dollars.

Tuition and fees are subject to change prior to admission, but your cost is locked in for the duration of your program at the time of admission.

Books and other materials

The estimated cost of the program does not include books and materials which can cost between $300.00 and $1,400.00 depending on the program. Students are responsible for purchasing their books prior to each course. We will provide links to where you can purchase them, but you are not obligated to get them there. You can buy or rent your books anywhere; most books are available in electronic format, in Spanish and English, and you can also rent or purchase used books, to help reduce expenses.

Stackable Certificates

A great benefit of Saint Kolbe University’s programs is the design of the cumulative certificates to earn a Master’s degree. This means that for every 3 courses you complete in the regular pathway you can earn a Graduate Certificate to accelerate your career even faster.

Paper Diplomas and Certificates

We live in a digital world, so all of our diplomas and certificates are issued digitally, signed by our President and with a unique serial number that links the diploma or certificate to your academic achievements. Many students may choose to print and frame the certificate; however, if you prefer to receive a paper copy diploma or certificate issued by the institution, there is an additional certificate delivery fee of $150 to cover the cost of printing and mailing.

All costs are in U.S. dollars.

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