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Photos used:

Bandera USA: Copyright: <a href=’’>blackzheep</a>

Two graduates: Copyright: <a href=’’>dolgachov</a>

Stamp background: Copyright: <a href=’’>asiln</a>

Graduates group: Copyright: <a href=’’>dolgachov</a>

Banner Familia: Copyright: <a href=’’>rawpixel</a>

Banner Miami: Copyright: <a href=’’>aoldman</a>

Street of Miami: Copyright: <a href=’′>marina113</a>

Young in a cafe banner: Copyright: <a href=’’>milkos</a>

Young executive : Copyright: <a href=’’>yacobchuk</a>

Girl studiyng in a coffe shop: Copyright: <a href=’’>milkos</a>

Girl with a tablet in a Coffe Shop: Copyright: <a href=’’>milkos</a>

Girl showing a tablet: Copyright: <a href=’’>milkos</a>

Woman working in the office: Copyright: <a href=’’>langstrup</a>

Office gropu: Copyright: <a href=’’>digitalskill</a>

Group of teenaggers in the coffeshop: Copyright: <a href=’’>IKO</a>

Young boy is explaining: Copyright: <a href=’′>halid994</a>

Girl is seeing at camera: Copyright: <a href=’′>peopleimages12</a>

Studiyng woman background: Copyright: <a href=’’>topntp</a>

Woman telephone operator: Copyright: <a href=’′>peopleimages12</a>

Slow motion humminbird video: Copyright: <a href=’’>fluidmediafactory</a>

Young guy video talking at the phone: Copyright: <a href=’’>dolgachov</a>

Video of a group of young people taking a selfie: Copyright: <a href=’’>dolgachov</a>

Video of woman wrapping herself in the flag: Copyright: <a href=’’>wavebreakmediamicro</a>

Video of the entrepreneur with a blue t-shirt presents the logo: Copyright: <a href=’’>rido</a>


Music of the video, de YouTube Studio / Audio Library: Guitar House – josh pan